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Graduate Studies in Robotics
Our group seeks creative and team-oriented graduate students. The applicants possess varied skills in engineering systems, electrical / mechanical engineering. Our group accepts applications for graduate admission through the University of Tsukuba admissions process. Please find the homepage of faculty members and laboratory. The research members in robotics group mainly belong to the Department. of Intelligent Interaction Technologies, at the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you apply for our group from an accredited college, an advanced course at a junior college, technical college, or granted bachelor's degree from the National Institution for Academic Degrees. Interested students should contact each of members, otherwise the secretariat of our group.

Inquiry about admission:

Please check the International Student Center at University of Tsukuba.

Undergraduate Studies in Robotics
The UTARC Group has open for talented U.T. undergraduates from the College of Engineering Systems, and other Colleges of University of Tsukuba. Please see the details for available positions and application procedures in the College of Engineering Systems.

Tsukuba Robot Contest: In the University of Tsukuba, there is a special program for undergraduate students "Tsukuba Robot Contest." Not only for the in-University robot contest, but also robots developed by students demonstrated at public exhibitions or exposition. High school students who are interested in robots and robotics, please access the web site of "College of Engineering Systems."

College of Engineering Systems, University of Tsukuba:


PhD Opportunity in Robotics

Our group seeks creative, hard-working and team-oriented PhD students. Skills in computer programming, electrical engineering or hardware assembly are required. Candidates should be able to demonstrate a potential to conduct research and contribute to research projects. PhD works supervised by our research members are carried out under the circumstance at the Dept. of Intelligent Interaction Technologies, University of Tsukuba. If you are a company employer, please consider to apply for the special admission for company employers.

If you have a specific laboratory you desire to study for the masterfs or doctor's program, please contact the faculty members of our department by email. If you have some research interests but you are not able to find the appropriate laboratory, please send email to the following address. We will try to respond as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat by email.

Inquiry about admission:

Please also check the International Student Center at University of Tsukuba.

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