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Research Projects

Cybernics Laboratory
Yoshiyuki Sankai, Professor
Yasuhisa Hasagawa, Assistant Professor

Cybernics : Cybernoid, biorobotics, control, biomedical engineering. Learning control for intelligent and dexterous motion


Intelligent Robot Laboratory
Shin-ichi Yuta, Professor
Takashi Tsubouchi, Professor
Akihisa Ohya, Associate Professor

Autonomous mobile robot, experimental robotics, smart sensor and intelligent control. Self-contained automous mobil robots.


Manipulation System Laboratory
Yasumichi Aiyama, Associate Professor

Human-like dexterous robot manipulation.



Human Robot Interaction Laboratory
Yasushi Nakauchi, Associate Professor

Human-robot interaction, intelligent environments.


Robot Control Laboratory
Sumiko Majima, Associate Professor

Design of a control system for compensating nonlinear elements in a mechanical system.



FlexibleRobotics Laboratory
Hiromi Mochiyama,
Associate Professor

Development of novel robotic functions generated from "flexibility".


Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Kenji Suzuki,
Assistant Professor

Artificial intelligence and Kansei - Humanoid robot, learning, control and advanced interface.




Cooperative Graduate School

Research conducted in copperation with AIST (National Institute of Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

AIST - Intelligent Systems Research Institute
Robotic Manufacturing Laboratory
Hirohiko Arai, Adjunct Professor

Robotic metal spinning, Robotics for manufacturing crafts


AIST - Intelligent Systems Research Institute
Ubiquitous Functions Research Group,
Kotaro Ohba, Adjunct Professor

Computer vision, human interface, visualization micro VR camera system, tele-operation.


AIST - Intelligent Systems Research Institute
3D Vision System Laboratory
Fumiaki Tomita, Adjunct Professor

Three-dimensional visual information processing and its application systems (intelligent robots, visual aid systems, etc.).



AIST - Intelligent Systems Research Institute
Humanoid Laboratory
Hiroyuki Hirukawa, Adjunct Professor

Humanoid robotics.


AIST - Intelligent Systems Research Institute
Safety Intelligence Laboratory
Yoji Yamada, Adjunct Professor

Safety intelligence by use of robot technology (risk perception, intelligent risk management assist).



AIST - Intelligent Systems Research Institute
AIST/ISRI-CNRS/STIC Joint Robotics Laboratory
Kazuhito Yokoi, Adjunct Professor

Increasing robot's autonomy, flexibility, interactivity, versatility peculiarly via humanoid robot HRP-2.

Support Members

Biological Cybernetics Laboratory
Kiyoshi Hoshino, Associate Professor

Biomedical measurement and analysis, mathematical models for biological system, brain science.



Computational and Structural Mechanics Laboratory
Daigoro Isobe, Associate Professor

Study on collapse analysis scheme of framed structures, Parallel control of link mechanisms using FEM, Application of computational mechanics to robotics.


Computer Vision Laboratory
Kazuhiro Fukui, Associate Professor

Pattern recognition, computer vision, face recognition, robot vision



Mikawa Laboratory
Masahiko Mikawa, Assistant Professor

human-machine interface and its elemental technology.
robot vision, biomedical signal processing, pattern recognition, etc.


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